Have A Happy New Year and New Decade!

Get Your Options Clear

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

A time to get your options clear
Is found with each coming new year.
You must take each day as a new opportunity
What impact will you make on your community?
Each day is a new beginning,
the chance for your life to be winning.

Turn those dreams into a realistic plan
Take steps even if it is only one action, you can!
Keep your dream traveling forward and not stuck on the tracks.
Wheels of a train only can move with energy not slack.
And, just like a train, life needs your energy
No pointed wasting it on yesterday.
Each revolution of the wheels, each revolution of your steps
Keeps the train and your life moving – completing projects.

My hope for you in the coming year is you find
Happiness, and share it with people in kind.
Use your abilities to solve problems and challenges;
Never doubt and remember that you are talented.
Hope, may you always have it when you feel down
Even though you may only want to frown.
Goals, to keep you focus on your dreams;
Allowing you to move ahead full steam.

This New Year you can solve your problems, focus on your goals, and always have hope,
Success will find you and you will no longer have to just cope!

Happy New Year Happy New Decade 2020!


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