Strategic business development coach, JP Logan, is pleased to announce the launch of his personal brand’s business services this month.

May 21, 2019 —

Strategic business development coach and wealth management expert, JP Logan, is pleased to announce the launch of his personal brand’s business consultation services this month.

JP Logan, Wealth Concierge and Senior Managing Partner of JP LOGAN Global Investment Partnerships,

has over 30 years experience providing services in customer service, technological support, employee training, development, and management. JP has successfully facilitated budgetary and fiscal management for Fortune 500 corporations in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.

Driven by his mission to support and empower success for entrepreneurial start-up businesses,

JP has provided funding capital, technological support, strategic development plans, and motivational advice to a number of successful for profit, and not for profit endeavors nationwide, including Washington, D.C., Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, North and South Carolina, Texas, Georgia, New York, Connecticut, and California.


According to JP, “The services I provide are aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in catapulting the exponential growth of their business ventures, by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their personal visions, missions, and business endeavors successfully. My personal Business Coach, the self proclaimed world’s #1 Wealth Coach, JT Foxx, teaches us that one of the biggest hindrances to entrepreneur success is the failure to implement.

The consultative support and strategies that I provide my clients, some of which I learned from JT, provide them with the tools and resources that are necessary for them to take action on their dreams, fight back against life’s oppositions, adapt to and transform their environments, overcome obstacles, and dominate in their areas of passion and entrepreneurial destiny.

By implementing my coaching strategies and being committed to taking the necessary actions, anyone with a strong vision and execution can be successful in transforming their visions and dreams into realities, bringing them success and the desired lifestyles, while creating a legacy of wealth for their families.

I take great pride in liberating my clients from the mundane unappreciated life of working on someone else’s dream, to succeed at building their own self sustained personal wealth and financial freedom.”

Known as the “Revolutionary Game Changer”, JP’s suite of services cover a wide range of critical areas in business management, including innovative strategies that help entrepreneurs obtain high level of knowledge and success in their niche, called “Peak Performance Strategies”, as well as entrepreneur and business coaching, real estate investment services, website and online media building packages, marketing, business to business lead generation, franchise development, and overall wealth management strategies.

In addition, JP provides personal and business branding development, with social media and IT support, for a truly integrated service.

JP has also taken further steps by implementing personal onsite business development support to his clients, with access to industry-specific authorities and trainers through his global network of his associates, for a more interactive and effective strategic development strategy.


“Our academies are strategically developed for our clients’ specific demographics. We’re able to offer each of our clients fresh new revenue streams, business investment partnership opportunities, and online marketing network development platforms. Our clients’ success is our mission and destiny, and as such, we teach our revolutionary concepts and principles through a variety of avenues, which includes conferences, webinars, seminars, classroom training, and workshops,” says JP Logan.